A Dawn Serene

A  dawn in winter, And the sun’s first rays Glowed the stubble-field.   Yonder a hundred herons, Milk white, Basked on a treetop.   From fig leaves Dew sparkled.   Street deserted, And the Bhutan hills,…


No Sickness of the City

It was sunset lone The sky deep orange, and the birds lined For homecoming, and lazily they gleamed.   Thirteen peasants angling, their eyes fixed to baits, And beside half a dozen half-naked children dirtying in…


I sell flesh no more

  Gone were the days When men swarmed her hut, And passed metamorphic nights.   She was a peerless beauty, Tall and stout, and an elusive broad smile Always stuck her.   Body shapely and muscular,…


An Old Man on a Wooden Bridge

An Old Man on a Wooden Bridge An old man sat on an old wooden bridge amid the forest deep Beneath ran a hidden mossy creek, and beyond, The trees were lovely, dark and green, and…



At Kunjanagar beside the potholed street stood I at blazing sunset lone. The orange cloudlets scattered the western horizon. Slowly evening descended, and tiny dew droplets began falling. The birds went home and stopped their songs…


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