Attitude makes the real difference

                                     Because of the lack of positive attitude

  •               Many unemployed people remain unemployed because they don’t think a job is available,


They don’t think they would be lucky enough to get one


If you think you can, you can


Failure itself is the greatest motivator


Positive thinking


H– honesty




Pleasure & Fun
alcohol, drugs, pornography, illicit sex, Lottery and gambling

Vs Happiness
a byproduct of who are you and what you do

Real happiness
involves pain



Control over language


We are what we think about

Dream at broad daylight

Build castle in the air, but you have to provide pillars underneath (Thoreau)


Wandering generality


goal-specific (Ziglar)

choice is yours


                              Qualities to be admired and followed

Honesty,  goal-directed,  committed,  punctual, optimistic,  disciplined,  competent,  focused, self-controlled, persistent,  positive,  confident, good-finder,  kind,  generous,  diligent,  friendly   etc.

Success is a journey not a destination

                                                                         A true successful person 

healthy, reasonably prosperous, secure, have friends, peace of mind, good family relationship, and hope




Every End is a New Beginning!

Thank you, Friends

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