It was sunset lone

The sky deep orange, and the birds lined

For homecoming, and lazily they gleamed.


Thirteen peasants angling, their eyes fixed to baits,

And beside half a dozen half-naked children dirtying in the sand,

And their mothers hurriedly untying the cattle-knots.


Yonder the forest looked dark and gloom,

Two or three foxes squirmed past the maze field,

And now and then peacocks’ call brazened the ears.


No pain, no grief or suffering,

No sickness of the city,

Here all quiet and serene!

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Abu Siddik

It's all about the unsung , nameless men and women around us. I try to portray them through my tales. I praise their undying suffering and immaculate beauty. And their resilience to life's vicissitudes, oddities, and crudities I admire. They are my soulmates who inspire me to look beyond the visible, the known, the common facade of the educated and the intellectuals.

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  1. It’s indeed a beautiful poem expressing the incredible beauties of a country side and the mental conditions of the tired peasents who are returning back to their destinations.

    1. thank you Pranab for reading the poem. and your words do express the beauty of the country people too.

  2. No pain, no grief or suffering,
    No sickness of the city,
    Here all quiet and serene!

    Very realistic approach.. Too good sir…

    1. Thank you Ankita. Love to hear so from a reader like you.

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