A Burning Pyre

The scene was magnificent. A pyre was burning and the peasants, all drunk, were chanting bolo hari, hari bol; bolo hari, hari bol. Some were crying loud, some were sobbing, some sat terribly silent. It was…


Among the Drunkards

  Twice a month I go to Hariahati and drink haria Among the drunkards, peasants and labourers all, Two pigs skinned and men have their heyday!   Round some fat women, haunch men nine or ten,…


No One Remembers A Dead Man

Spillwords.com presents: No One Remembers A Dead Man, written by Abu Siddik, as assistant professor, Department of English, Falakata College .... Source: No One Remembers A Dead Man written by Abu Siddik at Spillwords.com


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