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In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

— George Orwell

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Hi! my name is Abu Siddik. I greet you with a  hearty welcome for  visiting me and, I express my gratitude to you for  sacrificing your valuable time here. If you enjoy my writings and love my activities, please drop a comment by subscription.

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  • Read my interview in Setumag
  • The site is all about the voiceless, the unheard, the untold, the unsaid, the margins, the peripherals, the disadvantaged, the underprivileged, the misfits, the country folks and their penchant for life, their naked beauty and undying suffering and their innate strength of RESILIENCE to life’s variant oddities, vicissitudes and trajectories.
  • Here you find a votary of Truth, Reason and Freedom, and one who lives for a cause.
  • Here is a voice for the voiceless!
  • Here’s is a man who firmly believes in the sagacity of human race, and never at its barbarity, cruelty and savagery.
  • I write, to quote Camus, to ‘serve suffering and beauty.’
  • I’m a storyteller who paints the joys, pains, sufferings of common men and women.
  • And I believe in the words of Sue Monk Kidd, “Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.


1. Books

He has authored/ edited 12 books

2. Conferences

He has delivered invited lectures, presented papers in National and International Seminars and Workshops. Many of his presentations have been highly acclaimed. 

He also serves the students by his motivational talks and presentations to lead them towards  a decent life of honesty, integrity and character. 

3. Journals

His articles appeared in The Atlantic LiteraryReviewCriterion ejournalResearch Chronicle etc.

His article Border is in the Mind was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in an edited volume Border, Globalization and Identity in 2018.

His online articles and book reviews also appeared in 

His short stories & poems appeared in Muse India,  Setu Bilingual, Indian Ruminations, Spillwords, GloMag, Destiny Poets, Mercurialstories, Induswomawriting, Differenttruths, PPP Ezine, Cafedissensus, Pratilipi, Storymirror, Allpoetry  & many  Anthologies 

Certificate from Story Mirror

I am delighted to be recognized as “Literary Captain” by this wonderful literary online platform. I remain grateful to the editor.

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Interviewed by Reader's Hub

A brief Interview is taken by Suman Panda, the Owner of Reader’s Hub. Here you find what basically drives me to write, what I write and why I write. Hope you enjoy it.

Readers hub

Review of "Banglar Musalman"

বাংলার ‘চাষাভূষা’ মুসলমানেরা বছরের পর বছর অর্থনৈতিক, সামাজিক, ও রাজনৈতিক বঞ্ছনা সহ্য করেও বিশেষ একটি মননের একচ্ছত্র অধিকারি।এবং সেটা সম্ভব হয়েছে এদের অন্তর্নিহিত কিছু সুকুমার গুনাবলির কারনে, যে গুলি লিঙ্গ, জাতি, ধর্ম, বর্ণ, শিক্ষিত, অশিক্ষিত, ধনী, গরীব নির্বিশেষে মানুষ মাত্রেরই থাকা উচিৎ বলে আমি বিশ্বাস করি।বাংলার মুসলমানদের একান্ত নিজস্ব মানসিক জগৎ এবং তার সাথে সাথে তাদের বাস্তব দিন আনা দিন খাওয়া জীবনের সাথে যুক্ত শিক্ষা, স্বাস্থ্য, সামাজিক প্রথা, রাজনীতি, অর্থনীতি, সাহিত্য, মিডিয়া, ইত্যাদির প্রাসঙ্গিক কিছু কথার রূপরেখা টানার বহিঃপ্রকাশ এই বই।