in Indian Literature, Culture and Society

Lynching in Indian Literature, Culture and Society claims that Hindutva mobs animated by the Modi government have unleashed a reign of terror against Muslims and Dalits. Gau rakshaks, in the name of cow (gau mata) protection cattle theft or love-jihad or wearing a skull cap, are openly lynching the said targeted communities by taking the law into their own hands. Lynching demonstrates Hindu majoritarianism. In America, it was the colour of skin. In India, it is a cow. There are the White supremacists; here, the Hindu supremacists. Its focus is, however, not to catalogue the lynching incidents or to record data of the lynchers and the lynched. It, rather, strives to inject literary, cultural and societal outlooks into Indian lynching by mapping the magnitude of Hindutva violence deeply rooted in Indian myths, literature, culture and society.  

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