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  Twice a month I go to Hariahati and drink haria Among the drunkards, peasants and labourers all, Two pigs skinned and men have their heyday!   Round some fat women, haunch men nine or ten, The fire fall on rugged cheeks, eyes shine bright, And they drink and brawl, howl and growl.   The mango grove screened four sides by Swaying paddy fields stretched miles upon miles, And yonder on a huge treetop fifty white herons bask.   No tin shade, no tarpaulin over heads And when the rains fall, they drench open, And mad eyes glue to the


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Subhash Chandra
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"A gifted writer"

A gifted versetile writer who writes excellent stories and poems on the invisibles, pariahs, margins, aged, weaklings of our society. A rising star on the literary firmament.
Santosh Bakaya
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Praise for my writing

“Your story Undersell left me with a lump in my throat, so did your poem, He also lights candles.”
Louis Kasatkin
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Praise for my poem "Elderly Men Two"

"A finely honed observational piece recording the minutiae of everyday life. Rendered with the author’s customary poetic aplomb suffused with a Borges like quality of the mythic."