in Literature, Culture and Society

Violence invades our lives on various fronts. Violence varies in origin, reach and range, colour and shape. It occurs through plural visible and invisible agents—from foreign invasion to female foeticide, from genocide to a daini (witch) killing, from hate speech to planned pogrom, from gang rape to girl trafficking, from intimidation to lynching, from terror attacks to street violence, from police brutality to surveillance capitalism, from ecological destruction to pillaging of local resources by the corporate and the state, from development to destruction and displacement, and so on. This edited volume has fifteen chapters focusing primarily on the violence against the Kashmiris, violence against women, violence against Muslims and Dalits, and violence against the environment. It investigates and explores how violence is represented and interpreted in literature, culture, and society. Focusing on literary, cultural and societal exploration, it attempts to add new impetus to Violence Studies.       

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