Hair dishevelled,

Vermillion cleansed,

Skin creased, eyes sunken,

Face dry, and voice choked.


I ask, ‘What’s wrong?’

‘Your uncle died.’


‘Just a fall from bed at day break.’


The cabin is dark,


Promoters warn

Countless times,

Saplings have grown

In cracked walls,

A pig, two hens, a cat

Play and fight,

Fight and play.


Where does she go?

I don’t know,

The world is too big

She must find her way.


So I think and take my part

Like an old, hairless dog

Driven out by its loved master.

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Abu Siddik

It's all about the unsung , nameless men and women around us. I try to portray them through my tales. I praise their undying suffering and immaculate beauty. And their resilience to life's vicissitudes, oddities, and crudities I admire. They are my soulmates who inspire me to look beyond the visible, the known, the common facade of the educated and the intellectuals.

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